Monday, March 28, 2011


This year with the new Science TEKS we got to explore the sky!!! I was very excited because the kids LOVE everything there is about space. We concentrate mostly on the differences and similarities between day and night, and the sun, moon, and stars. For our school Family Science Night I made several stations for the 1st grade friends to have fun learning with.

Facts about the Sun and Moon Venn Diagram

Phases of the Moon Flow Map

Space Book Station - Read a book and create a circle map about facts you learned from the book

Things I night and day time sort

Day and Night Picture Concentration Game...I just found different pictures during the day and pictures at night, printed 2 of each picture. This was a BIG hit with the kids.

Describing the Sun and Moon with a DoubleBubble Map

Sun and Moon Facts Tree Map

Day and Night Venn Diagram

Constellations...the students drew shapes and pictures and then using a push pin following along the lines punching holes, when finished hold it up to the light and see the constellation!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Open House

Open House is coming up very soon. We are just beginning our voyage under the sea in our ocean unit. The students have been and will be learning several new and fascinating things about ocean life. Be on the lookout for exciting information from your little oceanographers.