Sunday, September 19, 2010

Skip Counting!!!

In math this past week we were going learning and practicing how to skip count using patterns. I had each student bring in a pair of fun socks. My teammate and I worked together and created a "clothes line" on the bulletin boards across the hall from our classrooms. (Having great teammates is SUCH a blessing!) With clothespins we hung the socks up one at a time and counted them. I wrote the odd numbers in BLUE and the even numbers in RED. Stopping with each sock helped the kiddos see that when there was one sock left by itself it was ODD.

After skip counting by 2's we moved onto 5's and 10's using our little feet cutouts! It was really awesome to see the kids realize that 5's were odds, and the 10's were evens. Counting the toes really helped them see there was 1 left out when the numbers ended in a 5. They really enjoyed these lessons! :)

Busy Busy 1st Graders

The year has started and it is already going fast! Our camping theme classroom has been full of learning and having fun!

This is one of the bulletin boards outside my room. "There's s'more learning going on in Ms. Pollard's class!"

"Whooo is in Ms. Pollard's Class?!?"

We are having a WONDERFUL start to the year in our class. So excited to post more exciting things we are going to do!